The Canadian Forces (CF) Snowbirds, 431 Air Demonstration Squadron is a Canadian icon made up of members of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) and public service employees within the Department of National Defense. Pilots and technicians work as a team to produce thrilling shows for Canadian audiences. Acting as CAF Ambassadors, the CAF Snowbirds demonstrate the high level of skill, professionalism, teamwork, discipline and dedication that is unique to the men and women of the CAF and are an inspiration to the pursuit of excellence wherever they go.


The famous CT-114 is distinguished in the sky by the unique roar of its subsonic turbojet.

Commissioned in the mid-1960s for the training of student pilots, the Tutor was replaced in 2000 by the CT-156 Harvard II and CT-155 Hawk aircraft. Now flown primarily by the 431st Air Demonstration Squadron, the Snowbirds, the Tutor is also used by pilots at the Aerospace Engineer Test Establishment in Cold Lake, Alta.

The Tutor aircraft flown by the Snowbirds are slightly modified versions of the original training aircraft. In addition to its characteristics for aerial demonstration, the modified version of the Tutor has a more precise engine to improve the performance of the aircraft during low-level aerobatic maneuvers.

The Snowbirds continue to amaze North American audiences with their tight formation flights and daring performances.