RV corner

125$ taxes included

Bagotville international air show (SAIB19) is pleased to offer a large number of parking spaces for recreational vehicles (RV) for the duration of SAIB19, covering the 2 nights of 21 and 22 June 2019.

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New in 2019!

  • Movie presentation on giant screen Friday June 21nd evening (animation and pop-corn by KYK 95.7);
  • Saturday, June 22, evening of St-Jean Baptiste presented and animated by KYK 95.7 with singer and Hot Dogs.
  • Bar on site during those activities.
  • RV owners will received identified wristband on their entrance at the RV site and will be the only ones with access the RV site.

700 available places for the price of 125$ (taxes included).

Include RV parking (no services) from Friday June 21st 9 o’clock to Sunday June 23rd 2019 at 19 o’clock.

Less than 5 minutes walking distance from the site:

CANEX Bagotville convenience store and gas station will be open Friday from 6 h to 21 h, Saturday from 6 h to 21 h and Sunday from 6 h to 16 h.

TIM Hortons hours of operation nearby:

Friday, June 21, 2019 from 5 am to midnight

Saturday, June 22, 2019 from 5 am to midnight

Sunday, June 23, 2019 from 5 am to 7 pm

Book your RV parking now by clicking on the online store link below.

Hurry! Places are limited!

Link to online boutique / This transaction is non-refundable.

Visit the site plan section for access to the site.

Visit the camping with services near the site of the show site.


  • RV owners will received identified wristband on their entrance at the RV site and will be the only ones with access the RV site;
  • Only RV types and 5th wheel trailers will be allowed;
  • The RV parking lot gates will be open from 7:30 am on Friday, June 21st. You must leave before 19:00 on Sunday 23 June. Have your bill in hand when you arrive. If necessary additional information will be provided;
  • Open fires are prohibited on the RV parking site;
  • BBQ’s can be used according to manufacturer’s instructions.
  • It is forbidden to dispose of any solid or waste matter after use of consumer products, including household refuse, in any public place or location other than those provided for that purpose;
  • No excessively loud noise or music will be tolerated on the RV parking site, especially between the hours of 10:00 pm and 7:00 am;
  • No person is permitted to commit or participate in any indecency, exhibitionism or obscenity, whether by their behaviour or their attire, and whether or not such actions or behaviour are directed at any person;
  • Possession of rifles, bows, guns, pistols or any other firearm or compressed-air weapon and of any other pyrotechnic system is forbidden on DND property;
  • No person is permitted to ease their natural needs in any public place or location by urinating or defecating except in the facilities provided for that purpose;
  • It is forbidden to be under the influence of alcoholic beverages, narcotics or illegal drugs in any public place or location or any other part of the property;
  • Anyone with possession or custody of an animal is required to exercise adequate supervision of the animal so that it does not wander the streets or public areas and that it does not attack or bite people or other animals. Furthermore, anyone with possession or custody of an animal must pick up the animal’s excrement, whether in public or private places, and dispose of it properly;
  • Access to defence facilities, works or materiel is subject to the condition that persons granted such access submit to searches by a security guard, on demand, of their person or personal effects on entering or leaving these facilities, works or materiel or any other limited-access location within these;
  • A security guard may, without warrant, search any personal effects found in the vicinity of a controlled-access sector if he has reasonable grounds to believe that these could endanger or could contain something that could endanger anyone in the controlled-access area. Please note that the BIAS19 organizing committee reserves the right to expel from the property anyone contravening the regulations listed above;
  • No drone’s flight will be allowed on the VR’s site or any other part of the air show.
  • Access to the RV parking lot is limited to registered RV’s owners and their passengers. Upon arrival you will be assigned a parking spot number. Place the number on the right part of the windshield. If required, a second number will be assigned for one (1) flat towed vehicle.
  • After your online purchase, you will receive documentation from SAIB19 in mid-May 2019 (by mail).