Use the free shuttles, this is the best way to get to the show!

Shuttle departures

Shuttles will run continuously on Saturday 22 June and Sunday 23 June from 8am to 1pm to get to the air show site and from 2pm to 6pm to return to the various boarding points.

Borough Departure Parking spaces

Cégep de Jonquière

1,150 parking spaces
Chicoutimi Centre Georges-Vézina 575 parking spaces
La Baie Théâtre du Palais municipal 402 parking spaces

New at SAIB!

Free shuttles to SAIB will be available from Alma and St-Bruno! See details below, but get there early, places are limited! They will be available on Saturday and Sunday!

Villes Départ Heures de départ

Centre Mario Tremblay

  • 8h30
  • 9h00
  • 10h00
Saint-Bruno Aréna de Saint-Bruno
  • 8h30
  • 9h00
  • 10h00

As parking spaces are limited on the SAIB site, carpooling is encouraged!

Car-pooling sites

  • Jonquière: Soccer stadium (204 spaces)
  • La Baie: Centre Jean-Claude Tremblay (200 spaces)

Please note

Please note that there is no bus service from Quebec City this year.