Frequently asked questions

Admission and schedule

 Q: How much does admission cost?

A:The City of Saguenay is joining forces with the Bagotville International Air Show to offer the population a FREE show. As in 2019, general admission and parking will be free.

Q: When is the show?

R:June 22 and 23, 2024

Q: What time do the doors open?

A:The site will open at 8 a.m. on Saturday and Sunday while doors will close at 5:30 p.m.

Q: Where does the show take place?

A: At the Bagotville military base in Saguenay.


Q: What time will flight performances begin?

A:Flight performance should begin around 10 a.m.

Q: What is the show's lineup?

A: Snowbirds, CF-18 demo and Canadian Forces Skyhawks paratroopers in addition to the US Air Force F-35 demo, the Royal Air Force Typhoon Demo and the Italian Frecce Tricolori team will be the headliners of the show in addition to many others as well as an impressive number of static demonstration aircraft that you can visit!

Q: Will we be able to meet the pilots, chat and take pictures with them?

A:Yes, after their performances the pilots will be available to meet you and maybe give your little ones the aviation bug.

 Transportation and parking

Q: Can we camp with our RV on the SAIB site?

A:Unfortunately all the tickets are already sold out.

Q: Will there be shuttles available?

A:Yes, as in the past, a shuttle service will provide transportation from different points in the area to the show site. Details will be available under the Shuttles tab.

Q: Can we park directly on site?

A:Yes, parking is provided for this purpose, but spaces are limited. We strongly advise you to use the shuttles at your disposal.

Q: Will there be parking for motorcycles?

A:Yes, there will be one at the entrance to the base – you will be directed to the correct location when you arrive.

Q: Will we be able to land with our private aircraft during your show?

A:No, but you can do it at the Saint-Honoré airport, a shuttle will provide your transportation on Saturday and Sunday between Saint-Honoré and the Bagotville base, to learn more you can visit:


Q: Can we bring our pets?

A:Unfortunately, no.

Q: Will there be food on site?

A:Yes, more than 30 food trucks will be present on site to meet the demand.

Q: Will there be activities for the youngest?

A:Yes, your youngest will be able to have as much fun as you do with various activities on the site just for them. It's a family event!

Q: Is it better to have ear muffs for children?

A:Yes, the CF-18 and the other military aircraft will make a lot of noise during their show.

Q: Does the show take place even if it rains?

A:Yes, only strong winds or thunderstorms could cancel or postpone parts of the show.

Q: What are the prohibited items?


  • all glass containers or glass bottles;
  • coolers;
  • alcohol;
  • pets;
  • bicycles;
  • skateboards;
  • scooters;
  • in-line skates;
  • weapons of all kinds;
  • tents and kitchen equipment;
  • Cannabis.
  • Drones are strictly prohibited.