CF-18 Demonstration Team

The Royal Canadian Air Force's CF18 Demonstration Team will be back in 2021 offering spectacular demonstrations this summer as part of its new airshow season. The CF18 Demonstration Team epitomizes the excellence necessary to ensure that the Royal Canadian Air Force remains among the best air forces in the world. The expertise and dedication of the team, from pilot to maintenance technicians to coordinators, is testament to the professionalism of all members of Canada's Air Force.

CF-18 Hornet

Highly versatile, the world-class CF-188 Hornet supersonic fighter, more commonly known as the CF-18, can engage both land and air targets. Its two engines produce enough thrust to lift 24 full-size pickup trucks off the ground.

As the Royal Canadian Air Force's front line multi-purpose fighter, the modernized CF-18 is used for air defense, air superiority, tactical support, aerobatic training and demonstrations as well as for testing and aerospace assessments.

The CF-18 has recently undergone a two-phase modernization program, a comprehensive half-life upgrade that will provide the Canadian Forces with a modern, interoperable fighter fleet.

Thanks to its power and superior speed, as well as its exceptional tracking capabilities, the CF-18 has amassed success in several military operations in Canada and around the world.

Since the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, Canada's fighter force has been committed to protecting North America from potential threats. As part of Operation Noble Eagle, NORAD's North American airspace safeguard mission, the CF-18s are on constant alert and ready to respond immediately to any potential threat to continental security.

Thanks to the current fleet modernization initiative, our CF-18s will remain operational until the middle of the next decade, when Canada's next generation of fighters enter service.

  • Length:17.07 m Wing
  • Span: 12.31 m
  • Height:4.66 m
  • Weight: 10,455 kg
  • Powertrain: 2 General Electric F404 low-dilution turbojets
  • Thrust Standard: 4,850 kg (10,700 lbs) afterburber: 7,290 kg (16,000 lbs)
  • Max speed: Mach 1.8
  • Operational ceiling: 15,000 m
  • Range: 3,700 km
  • Air to Air Armament: AIM 9M infrared guided missile, AIM 7 radar guided missile, AIM 120 radar guided missile, 20 mm gun Vulcan Cannon
  • Air to Ground Armament: 20 mm gun Vulcan Cannon: Mk 82 Mk 83 & Mk 84 bombs, GBU 10, 12, 16 and 24 laser-guided bombs, GBU31 and 38 GPS-guided missile, 20mm gun
  • Crew: 1 pilot (CF-188A), 2 pilots (CF-188B)
  • Year of acquisition: 1982 to 1988
  • Canadian Forces Fleet: 76